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Learn how REIRail transformed the businesses of our pilot group of customers.

REIRail is the only phone system we’ve seen that was clearly built for the way our business works-- in real life.

We’ve seen a massive lift in conversions since putting our phone handlers on this system.

Matthew Williams Principal at Momentum Home Buyers, Atlanta

I have always worked purely on referral but deals are harder to come by so we needed to expand our marketing funnels.

I heard about what Justin and Vince did for companies like Express Homebuyers so I couldn't wait to try their new product REIRail. Our phone was ringing off the hook the first next day, but most importantly, my staff was able to ramp up and learn how to close on the phone and get deals under contract. They were initally nervous, but REIRail made it easy.

It's made the difference in transitioning my business and beating my competitors.

Napoleon Ibiezugbe CEO Equity Resource, Washington DC

We’ve seen massive a lift in conversions since putting our phone handlers on this system.

It’s delicate, you know…especially when talking to sellers of distressed houses. We want to be sensitive to their situation. But at the end of the day, we still need to qualify them and move them through the sales funnel quickly so we can buy the house. REI Rail gives my team the data we need to be able to do that.

Will Holly CEO Holly Nance Group, New Jersey