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We measure our

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Savvy real estate professionals know magic happens when high tech helps you become high touch. Read our reviews to learn how REIRail members are beating the competition. 

REIRail customers beat the competition

Results speak for themselves ...

“To me this platform is literally like having a cheat code. You get to see exactly who you're dealing with!"

“One of my biggest challenges has always been consistent marketing. REIRail gave me a way to be more consistent in this business. I did a deal on a text campaign where I made $15,666 dollars. I didn't meet the seller until the day of closing. I just closed another deal for $17,500. That was all text too..."

"I'm one of the top producing agents for my brokerage. This system has helped my business tremendously. We did close to $68,000 in GCI last month. And we're on track to double that. It's a game changer."

“I was using the REIRail mobile app while on a road trip. I pulled up the homeowner's info and knocked on the door. Ended up locking up two deals from the same seller. One is a creative financing deal that I'm turning into my first short term rental. REIRail mobile is 🔥"

"Hey Vince - just have to let you know that this SMS texting out of REIRail is 🔥. 50 leads and 3 contracts this week alone."

"Not only have we closed multiple deals. We actually bought our own house using the REIRail app. We bought it using a subject to deal. $0 out of my pocket. House is 6,500 square feet... We love it but now I'm worried my 22 year old will never want want to leave the house. LOL"

"We've seen a massive lift in conversions since putting our phone handlers on the system. It's delicate, you know--especially when talking to a distressed homeowner. We want to be sensitive to their situation. But we still need to qualify them quickly. REIRail gives my team the data they need to be able to do that."

“I got my first assignment fee, $5,245 thanks to REIRail. First of many!”

"REIRail is NEXT LEVEL you guys. NO ONE takes care of their users like they do! Nonstop user support, community education and their system gets better by the day! Thank you Vince, Justin, Max and everyone behind the scenes! We appreciate you!!"

“Trust me when I say the price is what you'll pay, but the value of the software is what you'll get. We've seen about a 5000x return on our investment in REIRail.”

“I closed a $30k deal using REIRail to contact an absentee owner list. Seller texted me through REIRail last month and said she was ready to sell. REIRail is a beast!”

“I've been with REIRail for about ten months. In that time I've closed 10 deals. That has equated to me adding about $50,000 in additional revenue to my business.”

"So, I paid for a list of 500 vacants with phone numbers and didn't get very good results from a previous skip trace company. I was bummed. But when I brought the list to REIRail they were able to append 1,100 numbers...and these are HIGH QUALITY NUMBERS!! Can't tell you how grateful I am."

"We've closed ample deals from REIRail. I love it. I call it my little monster! I just keep feeding it leads. We use it in our real estate business and our other businesses."

“If you aren't participating in REIRail's weekly Office Hours call you are doing yourself a major disservice. Justin and Vince bring the 🔥🔥 with real estate industry news and general business considerations. Immense value every time.”

There are major shifts happening in the market right now. 

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