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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions with answers...

How does the service work?

REIRail uses patented technology to dynamically tell Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Investors, Mortgage Loan Officers, etc... not only who's calling, but also deep insights about the caller and properties they're marketing to by instantly skip tracing the person and the property when a call is received. REIRail gives them this data before the phone rings.

When you use a REIRail number, you're smarter about your conversations and can easily search your own database to identify callers, and the properties they own.

Due to recent regulatory changes, REIRail is not offering ringless voicemail at this time.

We will continue to monitor the landscape and consult with our attorneys and compliance team about the viability of this technology.

Will I need CallRail?

No. If you use a REIRail phone number to track your campaigns, you will not need to use CallRail. You'll get the same level conversation analytics, recordings, and call management you're used to with CallRail.

I already have CallRail, can I still use REIRail?

Absolutely! If you already have CallRail, you can import those numbers into REIRail and you'll see your call activity in both REIRail and CallRail. There is no cost associated with importing your numbers from CallRail, so you can pick a plan that makes the most sense for you.

Can I use REIRail with tools like Mojo Dialer, Deal Machine, Carrot Websites, and Bandit Signs?

Absolutely! Anywhere you use a phone number to generate phone leads, you'd want to use a REIRail number. REIRail makes it super easy to identify your customers and communicate with them over text or phone while giving you all the data you need to capture the sale.

What are the most productive ways to use REIRail?

Some of the most common uses are to connect with motivated sellers and buyers in your area through SMS and using REIRail as your primary tool when a call is received. REIRail is a perfect tool for your Virtual Assistants so they can quickly build rapport with sellers about the properties you called them about. Also, you have the ability to track the calls, listen to your VA's and make improvements.

Can my Virtual Assistant access my account?

Yes! You have the ability to share your account with any number of VA's or anyone on your team. We also provide special discounts for VA agencies. Just shoot us a note to support@reirail.com to find out more about how we support VA's.

What about follow up? Will the system follow up on leads?

Yes! Reminders are built into the system so that you never forget to follow up on a lead. Your VA or you can set reminders and REIRail will notify you 3 days before and the on the day the event is due. Never forget to follow up with a lead again!

How successful can I expect my campaigns to be?

We’ll send your voicemail to all of the phone numbers you select. If any of the messages can’t be delivered, you’ll be able to see that in your dashboard. You are never charged for undelivered ringless voicemails. Many of our customers track their ROI when running campaigns, which we highly recommend.

To upload a recipient list, log in and click create campaign. Your phone number list must be saved as a Comma Delimited (.CSV). Your lists should have names, and property addresses. REIRail makes it easy to upload files of any size. You just drag it on the screen, and easily map your columns.

It is common for people to send ringless voicemails to their customers, prospects who have provided their number, partners, colleagues, donors, etc. We hope you’ll call people who will want to hear your voice and your message. We do not provide recommendations for list buying, because that’s not the most effective use of our technology and not what it is designed for. We do not condone spamming people with unwanted voicemails or sending to people who would not want to hear from you. We take pride in the technology that we offer and it is important to us that it is used responsibly and respectfully.

Joining REIRail begins with obtaining a platform LICENSE. The fee for this is paid one time (no renewals) and gives you unlimited access to utilize our patented Deep Trace technology on all your campaigns. 

The next step is to select a USAGE plan (Basic, Pro or Enterprise) so that you can create your campaigns. 

REIRail provides multiple marketing channels for you to build campaigns (SMS texting, Ringless Voicemail, Lead Pages) as well as Skip Tracing

Usage plans offer access to each of those channels in small, medium or large quantities. You choose the plan that's right for you. 

You can even mix and match. For example, combining a Basic RVM plan with a Pro level SMS plan. 

Do my SMS credits ever expire?

All Pay As You Go text credits never expire.

Monthly Messaging plan credits are valid for 30 calendar days after your initial date of purchase and do not roll over towards the next month.

We'll do everything in our power to make sure you are happy with the service. However, if you aren't completely satisfied with the REIRail service and cancel during your first 14 days of joining, we'll refund your data license fee 100%.

PLEASE NOTE: Subscription fees and in-app purchases (like RVM drops and skip tracing) are not refundable.

Just contact our Customer Care team at support@reirail.com to cancel your plan and ask for your refund.

Yes, we are the developers of Hoozip.com - a white label marketplace for wholesalers and cash buyers.

No, we have no affiliation with CallRail other than they are technology partners and both of us having "Rail" in our name. We love the team over at CallRail and think it's is an amazing product, but REIRail was developed specifically for the Real Estate industry and for entrepreneurs marketing to properties.

Does REIRail work in other countries?

No. For now REIRail works for US numbers only. However, you can access your REIRail account from anywhere in the world.

Will I be able to cancel my account?

Yes. If you wish to cancel your REIRail account, click here to request cancellation .