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Max Presents THE Most 
Advanced Lead Generation 
PLATFORM for BUSY Investors

Tracking Numbers made for Wholesalers &  Investors 
The RVM Engine (Ringless Voicemail) He's kept Secret till now...
SMS blasts with highest delivery rates in the industry
Bulk Skip Tracing in 5 minutes or less - Not Days...

" I have revealed the system I used to generate over 2 Million in Wholesaler fees in under 2 years.

Now I want YOU to close more motivated sellers, for less money and CRUSH your competition.

You're just one deal away "


It's MORE than a killer RVM REIRail tells you who's calling
BEFORE the phone rings.


Our users close 3 to 5 times more deals than any other RVM, Cold Calling, or Call Tracking software. Heard of Skip Trace?  REIRail uses its proprietary Deep Trace™ technology to tell you who 's calling before your phone rings.   This ain't your Momma's Skip Trace!  Instantly, you' ll know everything about the caller and the property you 're interested in so you can have the best information possible to close the deal and NEVER fumble the call again.

Text Blasts with High Delivery
and Open Rates.


SMS campaigns have the highest open rates of any marketing channel. Reaching your prospect on their mobile device is a golden opportunity to forge an intimate connection. Our system lets you crank out high volume campaigns with lightning speed, while still ensuring each interaction is personalized to your prospects. Our system is 100% TCPA compliant.

State Of the Art
RVM - Voicemail Drop System.


Our ringless voicemail system is the easiest and most powerful voicemail drop system the real estate industry has ever seen.  You're busy, and we want you to CRUSH it.  So spend your time responding to and closing prospects the system finds for you.  Not the other way around.

Bulk Skip Tracing
in 5 Minutes or less.

You'll gain access to the FASTEST, EASIEST, COMPLETE, and ACCURATE Bulk Skip Tracing Engine in the industry.  No other site offers skip tracing as complete and fast as REIRail.  This is the  MOST ADVANCED SKIP TRACE ENGINE. PERIOD.  No templates to hassle with, results in minutes.  Start dropping your lists in minutes, not days.




Landing Pages with a Brain.  


We've included Done-For-You designs used by Max.  Our landing pages come with analytics, artificial intelligence , property data and skip tracing when a seller leaves a lead.  You only need an address from them, and REIRail takes care of the rest. SEO and PPC are built in too, so you won 't need to make any updates to our templates.  And if you do, our easy page builder requires no training or coding.

Oh, and you get that green bar that says "https" instantly, and for free.  Google LOVES pages generated with REIRail.


Easy List Management.

No list is too small, and no list is too big.  And if you hate merging and combining lists in Excel like we did, well we've got you covered.  Just merge your lists in REIRail and we'll make them look the same using our dead simple mapping tool.

Make faster offers.

Manage all of the communication with your prospects from one central location.  SMS , Call Tracking , or Web - you'll easily reach your prospects and convert them with more confidence.


Know what 's working.

Keep track of your activity through beautiful dashboards and know which campaigns are working. REIRail provides tracking phone numbers so you can easily track, manage and record all of your calls so you and your team can review your leads, follow up, and refine your marketing strategies .

Follow Up like a Champ.

Never worry about following up again and never lose a deal again because you didn't. Easily set reminders in the system and REIRail will text you and email you leading up to the reminder, and the day of the reminder.


Better Conversations
& Artificial Intelligence.

REIRail uses advanced "self learning" technology to understand your callers, and all of the callers of investors across our platform.By leveraging the insights of millions of calls, our artificial intelligence algorithms will hand pick the best deals for you .

Advanced Search.

Finding your contacts has never been easier.Upload all of your contacts and easily search them and what properties they 're attached to. Easily associate callers not in your list with a property or customer record. It' s like caller ID and Voicemail with a personal assistant attached.

Property Info.  


Our rich property data database has millions of homes across the United States.  Anytime a caller calls into your REIRail account, or a web lead comes into one of your landing pages, you'll get the latest property information dynamically attached. You' ll never have to look up property info again while trying to close a lead.

Fresh Designs
with Web Leads.



We 'll be releasing new designs weekly to our design library. You can easily swap the entire look of your website in one click and test which designs perform the best for you. We know you want a unique look, so our designers will continually add proven, high converting landing pages to the design library.

Easy tracking.

Our editor also allows for easy cutting and pasting of your Google Tracking codes and Facebook Pixels .You won 't need to hunt around and figure out where it goes. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to begin your PPC and Facebook audience campaigns .

If you need advanced marketing services like this, just call us.We have a staff of digital marketing specialists standing by to help you.